What are Lung Nodules?

Lung NodulesLung Nodules are small masses on the lung and show up on an X-ray or CT scan as a small white round shadow. They can be as small as .02 inches and up to 1.2 inches and are normally non-cancerous. A Lung Nodule can be quite common and shows up on 1 out of 500 X-rays and 1 in 100 CT Scans. A small nodule is rarely cancerous but a large nodule if often cancerous. In people under the age of 35 cancerous nodules are about 1%, while those over 50 the percentage is about 50% to have cancerous ones.

How do I get Lung Nodules?

Non-Cancerous Nodules can come from an infection or inflammation in the lungs. The cancerous nodules are most often from smoking and hazardous work environments. Sometimes cancer from other areas of the body can travel to the lungs and create cancerous nodules.

What are the symptoms?

Lung Nodules rarely have symptoms. Occasionally there may be a cough or cough with blood if it’s located near the airway passages. Most often they are found randomly through a chest X-ray or CT scan.

What is the treatment?

Lung Nodules are often monitored for a period of time, unless something on the X-ray or CT scan indicates that it needs to be examined more closely. If the nodule has been there for a while and there is no significant change, no treatment is needed. If it is cancerous your Doctor will determine which treatment will be most successful.

Will I get better?

In the case of a benign or non-cancerous nodule, there is no long term problem. If however, the nodule is cancerous recovery will depend on the form of treatment and severity of the cancer.

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