What is Lung Infection?

Lung Infection
The lungs are vital in the respiratory system of the body. Lung infection is when the tissue around the lungs gets inflamed.

How do I get Lung Infection?

The lungs are very fragile and can be susceptible to many things that can harm them. The lungs are a moist place that opens them to possible damage. Damage can be caused by bacteria, virus or fungi. Healthy people can ward off infections, but when certain environmental factors are introduced, or unhealthy behavior is involved, the lungs become weak and are more susceptible to damage. COPD can also lead to Lung Infection.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of a Lung Infection are; difficulty in breathing, shallow breathing, deep breathing, rapid breathing and apnea, where breathing stops altogether.

What is the treatment?

The treatment for a Lung Infection is determined by the cause of the disease.

Will I get better?

With proper treatment a lung infection is curable. However, if lung infections are not treated, more serious illnesses may occur and can be fatal.

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