What is Critical Care?

Critical CareCritical Care involves the highest level of detail and involvement with our patients. Sometimes the patient’s situation requires medical care for life-threatening illnesses and pulmonary trauma. When this is the case, our trained team of caregivers spring into action by providing comprehensive care and patient monitoring.

How does Ocala Lung and Critical Care differ from other providers?

Ocala Lung and Critical Care is one of the top pulmonary critical care clinics. Many of our patient services are fulfilled at one of our Florida critical care offices. Critical Care is sometimes inevitable. Meeting the needs of our critical care patients is where we shine. Beyond the medical care our physicians and nurses provide, we pride ourselves in providing that human touch that is so often missed and needed by both the critical care patient and their loved ones.

What Medical Emergencies does Ocala Lung typically provide Critical Care for?

Ocala Lung and Critical Care typically provides treatments for exasperated medical situations involving:

Is Critical Care with Ocala Lung right for me?

If you or your loved one desires to have a pulmonary critical care team that will follow you all the way through, then yes, we are right for each other!

Does Ocala Lung and Critical Care treat Pediatric patients?

At this time we do not offer pediatric critical care.

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