About our staff

We have on staff 1 full-time Critical Care RN who assists the physicians when in the hospital. Medical Assistants who are available to answer questions and give a prescription refill and Administrative staff who will happy to arrange all appointments and diagnostic testing.

The staff love working for Ocala Lung and think the Staff and Doctors are amazing.

Our offices provide In-Office services:

  • State of the art X-rays
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory
  • Arterial Blood Gas Laboratory
  • On-site fully equipped Sleep Center

Our Critical Care RN is fully experienced with critical care.
Our Medical Assistants are: Anita, Alysha, Shannon and Debbie. They work as a team to deliver excellent care in the office.

Office Manager

Carol has been with the practice for a long time and enjoys the patients and the challenges her job brings. Outside of the office she enjoys time with her family enjoying the out of doors, boating, fishing and swimming.


Nadia says the favorite thing about her job is greeting the patients. Outside of the office, Nadia enjoys spending time with family.


Tracey schedules appointments and procedures. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the patients. Outside of the office, Tracey is studying to be a nurse, but when she’s not studying she likes hanging out with friends.

Devon enjoys helping patients. She is currently going to school for nursing. On her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Referral department

Danielle is happy to assist the patients and make them happy. Outside of work she loves spending time with the people who mean the most to her.

Lelia loves helping the patients and cares about healthy living in and out of the office. She loves children, likes to hang out at the gym, have quiet times at home reading or painting.

Billing department

Sheri has been in the billing field for many years. On her spare time she enjoys reading relaxing and shopping.

Rose works in authorizations. When not at work Rose works with animal rescue specifically Felines. To relax she enjoys yoga and meditation.

Christine works on the EHR Incentive Program and Security Standards. She also assists with insurance verification. Any of her time off is spent with her son, reading and eating pizza.

Medical Assistants

Anita is a Medical Assistant who loves the patients she works with. Outside the office she enjoys being out of doors and spending time with her animals and family.

Shannon is a Medical Assistant and feels like her patients are family. Shannon is passionate about her children and enjoys spending time with them travelling and just having fun.

Debbie is a Medical Assistant and works for the Ocala and Summerfield/The Villages offices. She loves her patients and outside the office she can be found entertaining friends with her husband and grandson.

Alysha is a Medical Assistant who loves the patients. When not at the office she loves spending time with her son.

Respiratory Therapist

Rusty is one of our Respiratory Therapists who does Pulmonary Function Testing and Arterial Blood Gasses. The favorite thing about her job is the patients she works with. Rusty is ‘retired’ but loves the two days a week she works at Ocala Lung. When she’s not in the office she loves spending time with her granddaughter, gardening and lawn work, while putting into practice things she learns watching HGTV. She also enjoys Sunday afternoon drives and swimming.

Kim is our other Respiratory Therapist. She has been an RT for many years. On her time off she enjoys helping people and traveling with mission trips to other countries.

Sleep & Pulmonary Lab Supervisor

Fran works as a Respiratory Therapist, Pulmonary Function and Sleep Technologist and Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Fran manages both of the Pulmonary/ABG Labs and the five Sleep Labs, as well as overseeing the CPAP Clinic and Tobacco Cessation Program. Fran enjoys helping Patients live a healthier life style through the tools provides. Fran is passionate about preserving the environment, enjoys gardening, biking, kayaking and camping. Also enjoys the beach and spending time with grandchildren.